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Uber Court Orders Show Confusion in Applying Brazilian Law

The legal battle for Uber in Brazil highlights the legal confusion that can arise from the ever changing influence of technology on business and society.

Diplomatic Immunity May Protect Spanish Embassy Official

A woman is dead and her husband is involved. But her husband may walk away without facing prosecution under Brazilian law. The reason? Diplomatic immunity.

Judicial Retirement Amendment Tips Balance of Power

A constitutional amendment passed by Brazil's Congress has raised the mandatory retirement limit for Supreme Court justices from 70 to 75 years of age.

Amendment Would Lower Age of Criminal Responsibility

As Brazil continues to face high crime rates, politicians and citizens begin to debate the possibility of lowering the age of criminal responsibility to 16.

Brazilian Law and Religious Rights

For one future lawyer, the fight for religious rights and freedoms in Brazil starts now - before passing the Brazilian bar exam.

Investigation into Lula Examines Brazilian Law

New claims of corruption, this time against former President Lula, raise questions about possible influence peddling in Brazilian politics.

Crime Can’t Hide Behind BlackBerry

BlackBerry may be secure, but faced with search warrants, it turned over thousands of messages implicating politicians in Brazil's Petrobras scandal.