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Investigation into Lula Examines Brazilian Law

New claims of corruption, this time against former President Lula, raise questions about possible influence peddling in Brazilian politics.

Crime Can’t Hide Behind BlackBerry

BlackBerry may be secure, but faced with search warrants, it turned over thousands of messages implicating politicians in Brazil's Petrobras scandal.

Brazil Could Change Law on Outsourced Labor

Proposed legislation may change how Brazilian companies contract workers. Rather than hiring employees, companies may soon rely on outsourced labor.

Brazilian Law to Blame for Deforestation in the Amazon?

In 2012, Brazil enacted the Forest Code. But did the law, which was meant to help the environment, actually result in an increase in deforestation?

São Paulo to Protect Breastfeeding Mothers

New legislation may soon be passed in São Paulo that would allow breastfeeding in public. The law would be the first of its kind in the world.

Baidu’s Alleged Anticompetitive Tactics in Brazil

Competition in business is normal, but in the case of the Chinese search engine company Baidu, it's tactics in Brazil are allegedly "anticompetitive".

Brazilian Femicide Law Seeks to Better Protect Women

In an effort to curb violence against women, Brazil has implemented the Maria da Penha law, which aims to stiffen penalties for acts of femicide.