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Tariffs and Nintendo Not Mixing Well in Brazil

Nobody likes paying taxes, especially at Brazilian tax rates. To avoid paying taxes, Nintendo has gone to extreme measures. It's leaving the country.

Understanding Brazil’s New Anti-Smoking Law

Brazil's new federal anti-smoking law takes previous state restrictions to a new level, forcing smokers to abandon practically all use of tobacco in public.

Law Requires Joint Custody for Children of Divorcing Parents

Joint custody is the new standard in divorce cases according to a new law enacted by the Brazilian Senate and approved by President Dilma Rousseff.

Steps to a Successful Intercountry Adoption

Intercountry adoption can be complicated, but rewarding. Following these steps can get you started if you're looking to adopt a child from Brazil.

Historical Study on Foreign Lawyers Practicing in Brazil

Indiana University-Bloomington's Center on the Global Legal Profession publishes a historical study on the practice of law by foreign lawyers in Brazil.

Brazilian Lawyers and the Role of a Public Defender

Brazilian law grants free legal representation in the form of a public defender to indigent citizens in many types of litigation matters.

Franchise Law Ruling in Brazil Protects Franchisors

Franchisors win big when the highest labor court in Brazil rules that they are not responsible for labor violations committed by their franchisees.

Insider Trading Case Goes to Trial

Eike Batista is making history. Once Brazil's richest man, Batista is the first person to have his insider trading case heard in a Brazilian courtl.

Brazil Makes Corporate Registrations Easier

The federal government in Brazil just made making corporate registrations much easier by removing the requirement of proving fiscal regularity.

WANTED: Brazilian Enforcement of Anti-Bribery Law

Brazil made significant progress when it enacted its Anti-Bribery Law earlier this year. Yet the OECD wants more. It wants Brazil to increase enforcement.