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Corruption Probe Snares Banker Safra

Brazilian banker Joseph Safra is charged in an alleged scheme to bribe government officials in an attempt to gain favorable tax treatment.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Land Management Raises Concerns

An amendment to Brazil's constitution could drastically change the protections currently afforded to indigenous communities in favor of land development.

Brazil Raises Foreign Ownership Limit on Airlines to 49%

In an effort to improve its economy, Brazil's government has changed its foreign investment laws to allow greater foreign ownership in domestic airlines.

Judge Blocks Lula’s Appointment, Setting Stage for Supreme Court Battle

An epic legal battle is brewing in Brazil as the Supreme Court gets set to decide whether former President Lula can join the Rousseff administration.

Advocacy Group Fights Internet Trolls in the Real World

With its campaign Virtual Racism, Real Consequences, Criola is fighting back against Internet trolls who hide behind their racist comments online.

Extended Paternity Leave Worries Some Employers in Brazil

Fathers across Brazil are reaping the benefits of a new law recently passed by Congress that increases paternity leave from just five days to twenty days.

Scientists Look to Amend Brazilian Law to Fight Zika Virus

With just months until the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, Brazilian researchers are looking to changes in Brazilian law to help fight the Zika virus outbreak.