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Government Regulators Approve Genetically Modified Corn from the US

Regulators in Brazil have approved the importation of three genetically modified corn varieties as Brazil struggles to maintain its poultry export industry.

Court Rulings Set Stage for Debate on Labor Laws

Dueling court decisions set the stage for labor law reform in Brazil as companies seek to enforce contracts with workers and unions that contradict the law.

Acquisition Expands Coke Bottler’s Market Reach

The largest Coke bottler in Latin America, Coca-Cola Femsa, has expanded its reach in Brazil in an acquisition valued at roughly $1.08 billion.

Changes to Brazilian Oil Industry Law Could Come Soon

Brazilian lawmakers are considering changes to the country’s oil industry law to give foreign companies greater control in exploring the subsalt.

Pension Fund Probe is Brazil’s Latest Corruption Scandal

The latest corruption scandal in Brazil has nothing to do with Petrobras. Rather, investigators are alleging fraud at Brazil's four largest pension funds.

Business Acquisitions under Brazilian Law

Ready to buy a turnkey business in Brazil? Not so fast. Due diligence of the target's labor law practices is a must to measure potential liability.

New Labor Legislation Could Help Brazil’s Economy

Brazil's proposed new labor legislation will not solve all of the country's economic problems, but it will help eliminate legal uncertainty in the workforce.