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Brazil Passes Constitutional Amendment to Punish Slave Labor

Slave labor in Brazil is far from fiction. Yet for its victims, hope can now be found in a recent constitutional amendment passed by the National Congress.

Organ Donation Campaign Saves Lives in Brazil

The World Cup may be over, but one Brazilian soccer team remains focused on winning - that is, winning the off field battle to increase organ donation.

IRS Wins FBAR Judgment in Florida Tax Case

US citizens living in Brazil beware. The IRS is serious about prosecuting those who fail to file timely FBAR reports about their foreign bank accounts.

Brazil Goes Green During the World Cup

With its Green Passport initiative, Brazil encourages soccer fans worldwide to practice environmentally sustainable tourism during the World Cup.

Rio De Janeiro Legalizes Graffiti

Graffiti adorns city walls throughout many major cities in Brazil. Now, at least in Rio, street artists have the right to share their works publicly.

Drought Pushes Coffee Bean Prices to Two-Year High

Brazil without coffee is like Brazil without soccer - it doesn't work. But recent weather conditions in Brazil may now make buying a cup of coffee a luxury.

Brazil Approves International Adoption of Brazilian Children

Thinking about adopting a child? Think Brazil. A new decision allows adoption of Brazilian children and adolescents by foreigners living abroad.

2014 World Cup: Brazil Expects to Break Records

Just days away from the 2014 FIFA World Cup, Brazil hopes it can break records both on and off the soccer field.

Demonstrators Gather to Demand the Legalization of Marijuana

As laws legalizing marijuana gain strength worldwide, pro-legalization demonstrators in São Paulo take to the streets to demand similar laws in Brazil.

Carlyle Partners Step in to Bail Out Real Estate Developer

US private-equity firm Carlyle Group faces corporate and litigation challenges as it tries to navigate the Brazilian legal system.