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Cybercrime Attacks Climb Despite Laws Targeting Online Crime

Despite having laws in place, online criminal activity continues to plague Brazil as the country ranks among the top sources of cybercrime worldwide.

Rousseff Sidesteps Regulatory Review for New Cancer Drug

A new Brazilian law will allow cancer patients to take a drug that has not been formally tested on humans or approved by Brazil's health agency.

Law Requires Special Treatment for Seniors

In Brazil, seniors get special treatment by law. For those over 60, it means they won't ever have to stand in long lines to shop or do business ever again.

New Mediation Program Brings Resolution to Civil Disputes

A judge in Goiás has created an innovative mediation program to help reduce the backlog of civil cases waiting to be heard in Brazilian courts.

Corruption Probe Snares Banker Safra

Brazilian banker Joseph Safra is charged in an alleged scheme to bribe government officials in an attempt to gain favorable tax treatment.

Proposed Constitutional Amendment to Land Management Raises Concerns

An amendment to Brazil's constitution could drastically change the protections currently afforded to indigenous communities in favor of land development.

Brazil Raises Foreign Ownership Limit on Airlines to 49%

In an effort to improve its economy, Brazil's government has changed its foreign investment laws to allow greater foreign ownership in domestic airlines.