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Pension Fund Probe is Brazil’s Latest Corruption Scandal

The latest corruption scandal in Brazil has nothing to do with Petrobras. Rather, investigators are alleging fraud at Brazil's four largest pension funds.

Business Acquisitions under Brazilian Law

Ready to buy a turnkey business in Brazil? Not so fast. Due diligence of the target's labor law practices is a must to measure potential liability.

New Labor Legislation Could Help Brazil’s Economy

Brazil's proposed new labor legislation will not solve all of the country's economic problems, but it will help eliminate legal uncertainty in the workforce.

Brazilian Court Rules Against Taxation of Stock Options

The fight over whether or not to tax employee stock options produces a win for companies, but sparks more legal challenges from government tax authorities.

Free Expression Under Attack at the Olympic Games

Freedom of expression was under attack during the recent Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro as individual constitutional rights clashed with political debate.

Legislative Measure Proposes New Chemicals Oversight

Brazil's Ministry of the Environment has proposed comprehensive chemicals legislation that could reshape an entire industry with new rules and regulations.

Change in Brazilian Law Broadens Market for Biologics

Brazil's Ministry of Health hopes to save money (and its public healthcare system) by encouraging the development of generic biologics known as biosimilars.