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Brazil’s Bureaucracy Causing Problems for Export Businesses

The export process in Brazil has proven to be fraught with excessive bureaucracy, resulting in delays and lost profits for Brazilian businesses.

GOL Signs Strategic Airline Partnership with Air France-KLM

Brazil's second largest airline, GOL, grows its international presence by teaming up with Air France-KLM, a deal worth approximately US$100 million.

Brazil’s Famous Porcão Churrascaria Faces 38 Law Suits

Brazil's famous Porcão steakhouse, known for its traditional "rodizio" style serving method, faces millions of dollars in litigation lawsuits in Brazil.

Brazilian Lawmakers Approve Marco Civil Bill

Brazil's Internet constitution, the Marco Civil da Internet, finds its way one step closer to governing how Internet providers and users navigate the Web.

Record-Breaking 3,000 Americans Ditched Passports in 2013 (FATCA)

To escape the burden of US tax laws like the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), US citizens are renouncing their citizenship in record numbers.

Brazil Considers Joining the Apostille Convention

In an effort to diminish bureaucracy and ease the difficulty of doing business abroad, the Brazilian government considers joining the Apostille Convention.

Brazilian Startups Shine at U-Start Conference Brazil

Brazilian start-up companies went head-to-head at the U-Start Conference in São Paulo. Now the four finalists head to Milan to compete globally.

World Cup Is the Next Big Battleground for Nike and Adidas

The 2014 World Cup in Brazil will highlight numerous rivalries, but perhaps the biggest rivalry will be between Nike and Adidas off the field.

Brazil’s Choice of Swedish Fighter Jets Threatens Boeing’s Future

Brazil made its choice, purchasing 36 Gripen fighter jets from Sweden and leaving US-based Boeing to question the future of its defense division.

Medical Diplomacy Strengthens Ties Between Brazil and Cuba

Brazil and Cuba are engaging in medical diplomacy, importing Cuban doctors to help treat Brazilians living in hard to reach places.