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Campaign Finance Law Brings Unintended Consequences

Elections in Brazil have historically been corporate-financed affairs, but a new campaign finance law means funding must come from elsewhere.

Ireland Becomes a Tax Haven for Brazilian Tax Purposes

Brazilian companies are making changes as Ireland becomes the latest "tax haven" to be added to Brazil's growing list of fiscal paradises.

Unlike the US, Brazil Requires That You Vote

In the US, voting is optional. But in Brazil, the federal Constitution says otherwise. Literate Brazilians between the ages of 18 and 70 must vote.

Embraer Probe Leads to $205M Settlement of Corruption Charges

Another corruption scandal rocks Brazil as plane manufacturer Embraer agrees to pay the US and Brazilian governments $205 million to settle bribery charges.

Brazil Questions Race with Affirmative Action Tribunal

The Brazilian government has created a new race tribunal to address claims that some people unjustly benefitted from affirmative action policies.

Government Regulators Approve Genetically Modified Corn from the US

Regulators in Brazil have approved the importation of three genetically modified corn varieties as Brazil struggles to maintain its poultry export industry.

Court Rulings Set Stage for Debate on Labor Laws

Dueling court decisions set the stage for labor law reform in Brazil as companies seek to enforce contracts with workers and unions that contradict the law.