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Brazilian President Dilma Rousseff Could Face Impeachment

With a failing economy and a corruption scandal plaguing her presidency, Brazil's Dilma Rousseff now finds herself facing one more challenge - impeachment.

Brazilian Embassy Makes Changes to Passports

Following the footsteps of the US, Canada and France, Brazil is removing Israel from passports that it issues to citizens born in Jerusalem.

Brazil Law Alert – Provisional Measure nº 685 (PRORELIT)

A new Brazilian law, the Program to Reduce Tax Litigation - PRORELIT, now allows taxpayers to pay tax debts with credits earned from financial losses.

Telecom Operators Ready to Fight WhatsApp

The fight is on as Brazil's telecom companies prepare to battle WhatsApp over its refusal to pay taxes on its use of mobile telephone numbers.

Court Rejects São Paulo Law Banning Foie Gras

Foie gras, a delicacy originating in France, was banned in São Paulo, but a court has overturned the new law and allowed the sale of foie gras to continue.

Drought Contingency Plans for Brazil?

As the water crisis in São Paulo gets worse, government officials are again considering contingency plans and infrastructure projects to combat the drought.

Brazil Uses Drones to Enforce Slavery Law

Brazil has discovered a new way to enforce its slavery law - the use of drones with the capacity to shoot video and take photos in rural areas.