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São Paulo to Protect Breastfeeding Mothers

New legislation may soon be passed in São Paulo that would allow breastfeeding in public. The law would be the first of its kind in the world.

Baidu’s Alleged Anticompetitive Tactics in Brazil

Competition in business is normal, but in the case of the Chinese search engine company Baidu, it's tactics in Brazil are allegedly "anticompetitive".

Brazilian Femicide Law Seeks to Better Protect Women

In an effort to curb violence against women, Brazil has implemented the Maria da Penha law, which aims to stiffen penalties for acts of femicide.

WhatsApp’s Potential Ban Had Some Worried

A potential judicial ban on WhatsApp in Brazil had users of the messaging app a bit on edge. A higher court ruling, however, has thrown out the ban.

Labor Practices at McDonald’s Restaurants Scrutinized in Brazil

McDonald's, one of the world's largest fast-food chains, has found itself in hot water over its employment and labor practices in Brazil.

Brazil Signs Auto Trade Agreement with Mexico

With their previous auto trade agreement coming to an end, the governments of Brazil and Mexico have now agreed to new terms to extend the agreement.

Souza Cruz Sale Expected to Encounter Little Resistance

Brazil's largest maker of tobacco products is set to sell 100 percent of its equity to its majority shareholder, British American Tobacco.