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Legislative Measure Proposes New Chemicals Oversight

Brazil's Ministry of the Environment has proposed comprehensive chemicals legislation that could reshape an entire industry with new rules and regulations.

Change in Brazilian Law Broadens Market for Biologics

Brazil's Ministry of Health hopes to save money (and its public healthcare system) by encouraging the development of generic biologics known as biosimilars.

Advocates Seek Changes to Brazilian Blood Donation Policy

As the supply for some blood types in Brazil runs low, advocates are hoping to increase blood donations through changes in policy.

Brazil’s Central Bank Foreign Capital Census

Brazil's new Foreign Capital Census rules require that companies with foreign shareholders file with the Central Bank by 6:00pm on August 15, 2016.

Telecom Operator Files for Brazil’s Largest Ever Bankruptcy

Brazil's largest telecommunications company, Oi SA, has filed for the country's largest bankruptcy ever - a $19.3 billion restructuring of debt.

Legal Services in Brazil for the Arrested Tourist

What does a tourist do if arrested in Brazil? What kind of legal services in Brazil are available for a bumbling foreign visitor? Know your legal rights.

Brazilian Law Prohibits Ambush Marketing During Olympics

With the Olympics quickly approaching, Brazilian lawmakers look to protect official advertisers of the games with legislation to prevent ambush marketing.