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Legal Questions Surface in Mining Dam Breach

Environmentalists will be looking to the laws in Brazil as the country faces one of the largest mining disasters of all time.

Congress Considers Legalizing Gambling

As the Brazilian economy hits its lowest point in years, the government considers the option of raising tax revenue by legalizing gambling.

Brazilian Lawmakers Consider New Gun Law

Even as gun violence in Brazil increases, lawmakers are considering a new gun law that would lower the minimum age for gun ownership from 25 to 21.

Court Ruling on Election Law Ends Corporate Contributions

Brazil's Supreme Court has ruled that the portion of Brazilian election law permitting corporate political campaign contributions is unconstitutional.

US Birthright Citizenship Isn’t So Great After All

The debate over birthright citizenship is a hot-button issue in the US right now, but is it really all that it's cracked up to be?

Google and Facebook Fined Under Brazil’s Internet Law

Internet companies face off in Brazil as the government seeks to enforce its right to order the removal of offensive images under the new Internet law.

Volkswagen Faces Torture Claims Dating to Military Rule

Volkswagen finds itself in more trouble as claims surface that the German automaker was complicit in the detention and torture of Brazilian workers.