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Brazilian Law No Longer Prevents Unauthorized Biographies

Brazil's Supreme Court recently voted unanimously to overturn a 2003 law that prevented the publication of unauthorized biographies about celebrities.

New Unemployment Law Trims Benefits for Workers

As Brazil attempts to get its fiscal house in order, Brazilian workers are seeing their benefits diminish with the latest amendment to the unemployment law.

Brazil Enacts New Biodiversity Law

In an attempt to satisfy the interests of both the business sector and its indigenous communities, Brazil enacts a new biodiversity law.

Lawmakers Aim to Lower Age of Criminal Responsibility

With crime on the rise, Brazilian lawmakers are considering a constitutional amendment to lower the age of criminal responsibility from 18 to 16.

Olympics Construction Plans Clashing with Local Residents

The Olympics are coming! But with the excitement comes anger as residents of one community are being evicted from their homes to make room for new roads.

Uber Court Orders Show Confusion in Applying Brazilian Law

The legal battle for Uber in Brazil highlights the legal confusion that can arise from the ever changing influence of technology on business and society.

Diplomatic Immunity May Protect Spanish Embassy Official

A woman is dead and her husband is involved. But her husband may walk away without facing prosecution under Brazilian law. The reason? Diplomatic immunity.