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Interim President Considers Changes to Foreign Ownership of Farmland

Interested in buying rural farmland in Brazil? A change in the law might be coming that would allow foreigners to invest in agricultural properties.

Telecom Regulator Weighs Consequences of Broadband Data Caps

The days of unlimited broadband Internet may soon come to an end in Brazil as telecom providers look to put caps on user data plans.

‘Lunch Money Mafia’ Case Cracks Down on Students, Not Corruption

Yet another corruption scandal rocks Brazil as hungry students in São Paulo are allegedly robbed of their school lunch benefits.

Brazilian Law Simplifies Process for Recognizing Foreign Divorces

A recent change in Brazilian law simplifies the process through which a divorce in another country secures recognition in Brazil.

Cybercrime Attacks Climb Despite Laws Targeting Online Crime

Despite having laws in place, online criminal activity continues to plague Brazil as the country ranks among the top sources of cybercrime worldwide.

Rousseff Sidesteps Regulatory Review for New Cancer Drug

A new Brazilian law will allow cancer patients to take a drug that has not been formally tested on humans or approved by Brazil's health agency.

Law Requires Special Treatment for Seniors

In Brazil, seniors get special treatment by law. For those over 60, it means they won't ever have to stand in long lines to shop or do business ever again.