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WANTED: Brazilian Enforcement of Anti-Bribery Law

Brazil made significant progress when it enacted its Anti-Bribery Law earlier this year. Yet the OECD wants more. It wants Brazil to increase enforcement.

Brazil’s Number Two Wireless Carrier TIM Up For Sale

Rumors are floating that Brazil's number two wireless carrier TIM Participações will soon be acquired by Grupo Oi, America Movil and Telefonica.

Cell Companies in Brazil Bid for 4G at Auction

Mobile connectivity in Brazil will soon see major improvements as three major telecom companies purchase rights to the 4G spectrum.

Legal Issues Facing Eike Batista

Eike Batista, Brazil's oil tycoon, faces all sorts of legal troubles as his company OGX notifies stockholders that most of its oil fields have no yield.

How the Zero Tolerance Law Changed Brazil

Since Brazil enacted the zero tolerance law in 2008, reports suggest that fewer Brazilians are getting behind the wheel after having a drink.

Compulsory Voting Empowers All Brazilians

For most Brazilians, the October elections mean that it's time to vote. And no, that's not a choice - voting in Brazil is a requirement under law.

Brazilian Divorce Law: Getting Divorced After a Short Marriage

A 2010 amendment to the Brazilian constitution has translated into more divorces by allowing spouses to file more quickly after they get married.

Brazil Signs Tax Information Exchange Agreement with US

The United States and Brazil have signed a tax information exchange agreement to help prevent tax evasion by Brazilians in the US and Americans in Brazil.

Abortion in Brazil: A Legal Perspective

Abortion is a hotly contested issue in many countries. In Brazil, the legal restrictions on abortion rights have forced many women to get illegal abortions.

Brazilian Judge Allows Baby to Have Three Parents

In a historic decision, a Brazilian judge in Rio Grande del Sul rules that a baby's birth certificate can include three parents and six grandparents.