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Deadline for Foreigners to File CBE Declaration of Assets Abroad

The Brazilian Central Bank deadline for foreign residents to file their CBE declaration and account for assets held abroad is April 5, 2017.

Brazil to Join International Exchange of Fiscal Information Agreement

Brazil will use a new international fiscal information exchange agreement to prevent Brazilian companies from hiding revenues and avoiding local taxes.

Brazil’s Startup Scene Boosts its Struggling Economy

Brazil's thriving startup scene is one key factor that has helped the country rebound from a period of economic and political turbulence.

Brazil Considers Changing Port Law to Spur Economic Investment

Changes to Brazil's 2013 Port Law are in the works as government officials look for new ways to increase foreign investment in the country.

Medical Device ‘Prosthetic Mafia’ Faces Fraud Lawsuits

As Brazil goes from one legal scandal to the next, it seems now the medical device industry is taking its turn in the eye of the storm.

Law on Privatizing Electric Utility Assets Paves Way for More Auctions

A new law allowing the privatization of electric utility assets has led to the sale of Celg-D, a piece of Brazil's state-owned Electrobras, to Italy's Enel.

Supreme Court Rules for Animal Rights Over Cultural Tradition

The Supreme Court has ruled that the Brazilian sporting tradition of "vaquejada" runs afoul of the animal protections enshrined in the constitution.