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Brazil’s New ISS Tax Law Brings Major Changes

Authorities hope a new tax law, Supplementary Law 157/16, will bring some much needed change to Brazil’s utterly complex tax code.

Brazil’s Fintech Groups Talk Regulation

Brazil's up-and-coming fintech sector is forcing the government to search for better ways to regulate the industry without imposing too much red tape.

Foreign Investment in Brazil Hits Record Levels

Despite Brazil's economic difficulties, total foreign investment in the country in 2016 was 6 percent higher than in 2015 with record numbers in December.

Brazil Introduces Lenient New Bankruptcy Law

Allowing debt-ridden companies to sell their assets without the debt affecting the purchase price is one new measure aimed at boosting the Brazilian economy.

Deadline for Foreigners to File CBE Declaration of Assets Abroad

The Brazilian Central Bank deadline for foreign residents to file their CBE declaration and account for assets held abroad is April 5, 2017.

Brazil to Join International Exchange of Fiscal Information Agreement

Brazil will use a new international fiscal information exchange agreement to prevent Brazilian companies from hiding revenues and avoiding local taxes.

Brazil’s Startup Scene Boosts its Struggling Economy

Brazil's thriving startup scene is one key factor that has helped the country rebound from a period of economic and political turbulence.