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Brazil Ratifies Hague Convention on Child Support

Brazil is now the 36th nation to ratify the Hague Convention on Child Support. The Convention will go into effect on November 1, 2017.

Brazil’s Legendary Anti-Corruption Investigations Thwarted

Could a change in the organizational structure of Brazil's Federal Police alter the way in which law enforcement investigates corruption?

Unlicensed Practice of Cosmetic Surgery Leads to “Surgeons” Death

The apparent murder of an unlicensed surgeon raises renewed concerns for foreigners seeking black market cosmetic surgery in Brazil.

Temer Seeks Boost in Popularity with Labor Law Reform

President Michel Temer is hoping that labor law reform passed by the Senate will help draw media attention away from ongoing allegations of corruption.

Brazil Moves to Privatize Deforestation Monitoring

As corruption scandals vie for media time in Brazil, a sudden move to privatize Brazil’s deforestation monitoring system has barely made the headlines.

Brazil’s Central Bank Fights Corruption with Withdrawal Limits

To combat corruption, Brazil's Central Bank has updated its policies regarding the withdrawal of large sums of cash.

Empreenda Fácil: Making it Easier and Faster to Open a Company in Brazil

Empreenda Fácil: São Paulo's newest effort aimed at minimizing the bureaucracy and time involved in opening a company in Brazil.