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Brazil Legalizes Gay Conversion Therapy

Conversion therapy for homosexuals has been banned by Brazil’s Federal Council of Psychology since 1999, but a federal judge just changed that.

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Temer Proposes End to Government’s Golden Shares in Private Companies

Brazilian President Michel Temer has floated the idea of relinquishing the government's "golden shares" to minimize government control in private companies.

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Brazilian Businesses Face Unfavorable Tax Ruling

A recent Supreme Court tax decision suggests that vacation bonuses, maternity leave payments, sick leave, and other employee benefits may be taxable.

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US Supreme Court Clerk Visits Brazilian Supreme Court

The US and Brazilian Supreme Court have many similarities, but as US Supreme Court Clerk Scott Harris pointed out, there are also plenty of differences.

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Foreign Direct Investment Keeps Brazil’s Economy Afloat

Despite internal economic and political crises playing out across Brazil, one thing has remained stable: foreign direct investment.

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Brazilian Owners of Miami Real Estate Targeted by Tax Authorities

Brazilian tax authorities are reportedly investigating citizens who purchased Miami real estate but have not properly declared such assets in Brazil.

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Brazil Ratifies Hague Convention on Child Support

Brazil is now the 36th nation to ratify the Hague Convention on Child Support. The Convention will go into effect on November 1, 2017.

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