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Brazilian Government Invests in Research and Innovation Projects

Brazil plans to invest in research and innovation by putting money into a new research fund managed by the Capes Foundation.

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National Council of Justice Maintains Validity of Foreign Documents

Brazil's National Council of Justice held that foreign documents legalized (rather than apostilled) in Brazilian consulates are still valid.

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HSBC Pays 300 Million Euros to Settle Tax Evasion Charges

HSBC Holdings plc, the largest lender in Europe, has agreed to pay a 300 million euro fine to settle tax evasion charges filed by the French government.

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President Seeks Stricter Punishment for Firearms Possession

Brazilian law classifies the carrying of certain firearms as a “heinous crime” and increases the penalty for those caught with illegal weapons.

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Can I Get Married?

Can you get married in Brazil? The answer is maybe. But if you are already married in Brazil or abroad, you will first need to get a divorce.

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Study Suggests Brazilians Value Honesty, Trust, and Respect

A 2017 study conducted by Datafolha suggests that Brazilians view friendship, honesty, respect, trust, and patience as the most important personal values.

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Government to Reduce Environmental Fines in Exchange for Services

Brazilian President Michel Temer signed a decree that will give discounts of up to 60 percent on environmental fines in exchange for services.

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