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Posts from the ‘Economy and Investment’ Category

Brazilian Government Invests in Research and Innovation Projects

Brazil plans to invest in research and innovation by putting money into a new research fund managed by the Capes Foundation.

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Government and Private Sector Court Small Business Borrowers

High interest rate business loans from Brazilian banks have created new opportunities for financial technology companies to lend money to smaller borrowers.

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Lower Inflation Rates Signal Promising Turnaround for Brazil

Brazil is seeing signs of economic progress, including Central Bank estimates of interest rates hovering in the three to four percent range for 2017-18.

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Temer Proposes End to Government’s Golden Shares in Private Companies

Brazilian President Michel Temer has floated the idea of relinquishing the government's "golden shares" to minimize government control in private companies.

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Foreign Direct Investment Keeps Brazil’s Economy Afloat

Despite internal economic and political crises playing out across Brazil, one thing has remained stable: foreign direct investment.

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Brazil’s Central Bank Fights Corruption with Withdrawal Limits

To combat corruption, Brazil's Central Bank has updated its policies regarding the withdrawal of large sums of cash.

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Empreenda Fácil: Making it Easier and Faster to Open a Company in Brazil

Empreenda Fácil: São Paulo's newest effort aimed at minimizing the bureaucracy and time involved in opening a company in Brazil.

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