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Posts from the ‘Economy and Investment’ Category

Brazil’s Startup Scene Boosts its Struggling Economy

Brazil's thriving startup scene is one key factor that has helped the country rebound from a period of economic and political turbulence.

Brazil Considers Changing Port Law to Spur Economic Investment

Changes to Brazil's 2013 Port Law are in the works as government officials look for new ways to increase foreign investment in the country.

Law on Privatizing Electric Utility Assets Paves Way for More Auctions

A new law allowing the privatization of electric utility assets has led to the sale of Celg-D, a piece of Brazil's state-owned Electrobras, to Italy's Enel.

Government Regulators Approve Genetically Modified Corn from the US

Regulators in Brazil have approved the importation of three genetically modified corn varieties as Brazil struggles to maintain its poultry export industry.

Acquisition Expands Coke Bottler’s Market Reach

The largest Coke bottler in Latin America, Coca-Cola Femsa, has expanded its reach in Brazil in an acquisition valued at roughly $1.08 billion.

Changes to Brazilian Oil Industry Law Could Come Soon

Brazilian lawmakers are considering changes to the country’s oil industry law to give foreign companies greater control in exploring the subsalt.

Brazil’s Central Bank Foreign Capital Census

Brazil's new Foreign Capital Census rules require that companies with foreign shareholders file with the Central Bank by 6:00pm on August 15, 2016.