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Posts from the ‘Employment Law’ Category

Brazil Questions Race with Affirmative Action Tribunal

The Brazilian government has created a new race tribunal to address claims that some people unjustly benefitted from affirmative action policies.

Court Rulings Set Stage for Debate on Labor Laws

Dueling court decisions set the stage for labor law reform in Brazil as companies seek to enforce contracts with workers and unions that contradict the law.

Business Acquisitions under Brazilian Law

Ready to buy a turnkey business in Brazil? Not so fast. Due diligence of the target's labor law practices is a must to measure potential liability.

New Labor Legislation Could Help Brazil’s Economy

Brazil's proposed new labor legislation will not solve all of the country's economic problems, but it will help eliminate legal uncertainty in the workforce.

Court Ruling Loosens Disabled Worker Quotas for Employers

A law that requires employers in Brazil to hire disabled workers is interpreted to allow exceptions for employers who are unable to meet the quota.

Extended Paternity Leave Worries Some Employers in Brazil

Fathers across Brazil are reaping the benefits of a new law recently passed by Congress that increases paternity leave from just five days to twenty days.

Brazil Uses Drones to Enforce Slavery Law

Brazil has discovered a new way to enforce its slavery law - the use of drones with the capacity to shoot video and take photos in rural areas.