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Posts from the ‘Family Law’ Category

Brazil Ratifies Hague Convention on Child Support

Brazil is now the 36th nation to ratify the Hague Convention on Child Support. The Convention will go into effect on November 1, 2017.

Brazilian Law Simplifies Process for Recognizing Foreign Divorces

A recent change in Brazilian law simplifies the process through which a divorce in another country secures recognition in Brazil.

Bill to Change Abortion Law Encounters Resistance

Brazil's already restrictive abortion law may get even more restrictive as Congress considers requiring rape victims to undergo intensive questioning before having an abortion.

Civil Union of Three Raises Uncertainty Over Legal Rights

A civil union of three women in Rio sparks controversy as Brazil faces challenges to the concept of traditional marriage.

Curbing the ‘Public Health Problem’ of Caesarean Births

In an effort to minimize the risks caused by caesarean births, Brazil enacts legislation to encourage women and their doctors to consider live births.

Brazilian Femicide Law Seeks to Better Protect Women

In an effort to curb violence against women, Brazil has implemented the Maria da Penha law, which aims to stiffen penalties for acts of femicide.

International Divorce Law in Brazil

International divorces don't need to be complicated. With the help of a lawyer, spouses that were married in Brazil can now get divorced quickly and easily.