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Posts from the ‘Immigration Law’ Category

President Rejects Amnesty for Foreigners in New Immigration Law

More than 30 years after enacting its immigration law, Brazil now has a new immigration law that gives more rights to foreigners living in Brazil.

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US Birthright Citizenship Isn’t So Great After All

The debate over birthright citizenship is a hot-button issue in the US right now, but is it really all that it's cracked up to be?

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Brazilian Embassy Makes Changes to Passports

Following the footsteps of the US, Canada and France, Brazil is removing Israel from passports that it issues to citizens born in Jerusalem.

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Brazil Relaxes Visa Process for Visitors

An overhaul to Brazil's primary immigration law provides for an electronic visa application system to help speed up the visa review and approval process.

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Record-Breaking 3,000 Americans Ditched Passports in 2013 (FATCA)

To escape the burden of US tax laws like the Foreign Account Tax Compliance Act (FATCA), US citizens are renouncing their citizenship in record numbers.

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Six Million Tourists Visited Brazil in 2013

Brazil continues to break records - this time, it hits the six million mark in terms of the number of tourists visiting Brazil during 2013.

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Brazil is Working Hard to Attract More Immigrants

With modernization projects on the rise, the Brazilian government seeks changes to its immigration policies to attract skilled immigrant workers.

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