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Posts from the ‘Litigation’ Category

Medical Device ‘Prosthetic Mafia’ Faces Fraud Lawsuits

As Brazil goes from one legal scandal to the next, it seems now the medical device industry is taking its turn in the eye of the storm.

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New Mediation Program Brings Resolution to Civil Disputes

A judge in Goiás has created an innovative mediation program to help reduce the backlog of civil cases waiting to be heard in Brazilian courts.

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Corruption Probe Snares Banker Safra

Brazilian banker Joseph Safra is charged in an alleged scheme to bribe government officials in an attempt to gain favorable tax treatment.

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Judge Blocks Lula’s Appointment, Setting Stage for Supreme Court Battle

An epic legal battle is brewing in Brazil as the Supreme Court gets set to decide whether former President Lula can join the Rousseff administration.

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Brazilian Court Halts Belo Monte Dam’s Operations

A federal court has suspended the operation of the Belo Monte dam, citing failure by the company and the government to fulfill their obligations to the indigenous communities living nearby.

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Google and Facebook Fined Under Brazil’s Internet Law

Internet companies face off in Brazil as the government seeks to enforce its right to order the removal of offensive images under the new Internet law.

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Volkswagen Faces Torture Claims Dating to Military Rule

Volkswagen finds itself in more trouble as claims surface that the German automaker was complicit in the detention and torture of Brazilian workers.

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