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Posts from the ‘Tax Law’ Category

Brazil’s New ISS Tax Law Brings Major Changes

Authorities hope a new tax law, Supplementary Law 157/16, will bring some much needed change to Brazil’s utterly complex tax code.

Brazil to Join International Exchange of Fiscal Information Agreement

Brazil will use a new international fiscal information exchange agreement to prevent Brazilian companies from hiding revenues and avoiding local taxes.

Ireland Becomes a Tax Haven for Brazilian Tax Purposes

Brazilian companies are making changes as Ireland becomes the latest "tax haven" to be added to Brazil's growing list of fiscal paradises.

Brazilian Court Rules Against Taxation of Stock Options

The fight over whether or not to tax employee stock options produces a win for companies, but sparks more legal challenges from government tax authorities.

New Brazilian Law Urges Repatriation of Taxable Offshore Assets

With changes to its tax laws and promises of amnesty, the Brazilian government is encouraging citizens to bring back taxable assets that have been stashed overseas.

Congress Considers Legalizing Gambling

As the Brazilian economy hits its lowest point in years, the government considers the option of raising tax revenue by legalizing gambling.

Brazil Law Alert – Provisional Measure nº 685 (PRORELIT)

A new Brazilian law, the Program to Reduce Tax Litigation - PRORELIT, now allows taxpayers to pay tax debts with credits earned from financial losses.