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Brazilian Supreme Court Approves Benefits Assistance for Foreign Residents

In a recent decision, Brazil's Supreme Court held that foreign residents have the same rights as Brazilian citizens to receive certain welfare benefits.

EIRELI Law Allows Corporate Entities to Own Single-Member Companies

Starting on May 2, 2017, businesses in Brazil can be formed with a single shareholder (EIRELI) that is either an individual or a company.

Brazil Announces New Repatriation Program for 2017

In 2016 Brazil boosted its economy by almost 47 billion reais through taxes and fines on previously undeclared assets. Now it seeks to do it again in 2017.

Brazil Embraces New Trade as U.S. Closes its Doors

Just as Brazil opens its economy to pursue greater international investment, the U.S. is rejecting foreign trade to focus on an "America First" policy.

Brazilian President Predicts End of Recession in 2017

According to President Michel Temer, the end of the Brazilian recession is here. 2017 will be a year of recovery and economic growth.

Temer Passes Law to Tax Tips in Brazil

On March 13, Brazilian President Michel Temer signed Law 13.419, which seeks to regulate how tips in restaurants are distributed and taxed.

Brazil’s New ISS Tax Law Brings Major Changes

Authorities hope a new tax law, Supplementary Law 157/16, will bring some much needed change to Brazil’s utterly complex tax code.