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Brazilian Court Rules Against Regulating Font Size in Print Ads

While Brazilian law requires certain contract clauses be drafted in 12-point font or larger, the same requirement does not apply to advertisements.

Temer Keeps Promise to Fight Climate Change By Signing Paris Agreement

On June 5, World Environment Day, President Michel Temer signed the Paris Agreement into law, committing Brazil to reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

President Rejects Amnesty for Foreigners in New Immigration Law

More than 30 years after enacting its immigration law, Brazil now has a new immigration law that gives more rights to foreigners living in Brazil.

Apostille Convention is Helping Investors Using Foreign Documents in Brazil

Brazil's accession to the Apostille Convention last year has made doing business in Brazil a bit easier for foreigner investors.

Brazil May Seek to Join the OECD

Brazil considers joining the Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) as it looks for new ways to improve its economy.

Partners from Mossack Fonseca Released on Bail in Panama

The partners of the law firm Mossack Fonseca, Ramón Fonseca and Jürgen Mossack, were arrested in February, but were granted bail last month.

Brazil’s Economic Recovery Inspires Foreign Investment

The tide is turning in Brazil. Efforts to stimulate both domestic and foreign investment are putting Brazil on the road to economic recovery.